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A Bit About Me

I write Science Fiction and Steampunk, some for Young Adult Readers (as R B Harkess) but I use Robert Harkess for everything else.


I wrote my first story in Mrs Ball's class when I was about seven, and I used writers' block to get out of an assignment for the first time the same year. It took several swings at writing before I felt I was becoming an author, starting from about sixteen years of age, but somehow it never felt quite right.


I did write a 140,000 word fantasy novel when I was in in my late thirties, but it still wasn't quite what I wanted.


In  2008, my first short story was published and things seemed to click. Now - well in 2019 as I write this - I have nine novels in print (not all in my name).


Writing is never a journey you really finish, but I've certainly taken the first steps.


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Books By Robert Harkess
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Keene and the Last Guardian by Robert Harkess
Maverick by Robert Harkess
A Meeting of Minds by Robert Harkess
Books By R B Harkess
Underland by Robert Harkess 100dpi.jpg
White Magic by R B Harkess 100dpi.jpg
Shadows and Lies by R B Harkess 100dpi.j
Aphrodites Dawn by R B Harkess

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I do a lot of conventions because its so great to talk to people who read my books, or who just want to ask me about writing. If there is anything you need to know, or feedback you want to offer I’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form, or grab me on Facebook or Instagram

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